Bestore Co. Released Probiotic Daily Nuts Series Products

Statistics show that the daily nuts market size will exceed RMB 20 billion yuan (USD 3 billion) in 2021.  To catch the market demand trend, Bestore Co. has developed two probiotic daily nut series products. The 0-sucrose probiotic daily nuts target the sugar-controlled population, such as white-collar workers, pregnant mothers, and diabetics. The high-calcium one targets students aged 6-18 by adding lactic calcium. It is worth noting that this is the first domestic “triple probiotic” product, which adopted BB-12 and four more imported strains and added 6 billion CUF active probiotics per 100g. Not only is the combination of probiotics and nuts innovative in the industry, but the new probiotic daily nut series also contains the most strain types and probiotics amount in the market. (Source: