2021Q1: The Market Capitalization of Top Nutrition and Health Companies

According to the closing price on March 31, 2021, the total market value of 5 A-share listed enterprises mainly engaged in nutritional health food is RMB 92.9 billion yuan (USD $14.2 billion), with an increase by 8% in 2021Q1. The increase in market capitalization represents the inflow of capital. Overall, in the first quarter of 2021, there were 4,234 listed companies in the A-share market, with a total market capitalization of about RMB 83.48 trillion yuan (USD $12.7 trillion), which decreased by RMB 993.3 billion yuan (USD $151.5 billion) in the quarter. While Q1 GEM total market capitalization declined by 6.58%, BY-HEALTH, Sirio Pharma Co, and CSPC innovation all perform above average as part of the GEM. (Source: shuzhengkangxun)