Guangzhou Administration for Market Regulation Announced Three Illegal Advertising Cases

The first batch (15) of typical illegal advertising cases in 2021 was announced by Guangzhou Administration for Market Regulation, covering medical, pharmaceutical, health food, and other fields. For the first case, METRO AG placed a self-designed slogan and signs of academician Zhong Nanshan in the milk merchandising area, which constituted issuing illegal advertisements and was imposed a fine of RMB 200,000 yuan (USD $31,000). For the second case, Zhuangyuanlang Company issued an advertisement for “Yitong probiotic powder ” in its WeChat public account, containing information involving disease prevention and treatment functions, and therefore was imposed a fine of RMB 149,000 yuan (USD $23,000). For the last case, Jujiashou nutrition consulting Co., Ltd. forged a “Top 1 recommended brand of healthy weight loss” honorary plaque issued by a provincial television station hanging in its business premises, and therefore was imposed a fine of RMB 230,000 yuan (USD $35,000). (Source: shuzhengkangxun)