H&H Group’s Five-year Plan

On April 22, Li Fengting, the CEO of H&H Group (China), mentioned that H&H Group’s goal is to enter the top three in category share within five years through a triple-core (adult nutrition, infant baby, and pet nutrition) drive and “become the leader in family health nutrition and care in the Chinese market”. In the field of infant nutrition, H&H Group will upgrade its Biostime brand’s “Xingyao” series of milk powder by adding immune ingredients such as lacto-bridge protein LPN and probiotics. In the area of adult nutrition, Swisse, a subsidiary of H&H Group, will provide high-value products targeting different groups in the Chinese market to increase category penetration. In the field of pet nutrition, H&H Group will launch Super-Proga Gold Nutrients in 2021, while innovating the product layout. (Source: 163.com)