Preliminary Analysis of Chinese Health Food Filings in 2020

By the end of 2020, Chinese health food registration and filing have reached 16,300 and 6,500 respectively. A total of 2307 domestic health food filing vouchers passed in 2020, with statistical analysis as follows. In terms of product form, chewable tablets accounted for the largest proportion, which is 27%. In terms of product taste, orange flavor and strawberry-blueberry flavor are the main choices, accounting for more than 57%. From the collected data, we can see that adults and pregnant lactating mothers are the main target groups of health food. Among all 22 nutrients approved for filing, Vitamin C is the largest single nutrient species (43%), with the rest of the ranking being calcium (13%), zinc (9%), vitamin E (9%), selenium (6%), vitamin D (6%), vitamin K (6%), and iron (4%). (Source: CNHFA)