Suning Launches a New Shopping Festival via Livestream announces the acquisition of Carrefour China to achieve leaping  development of FMCG retailing operations

China’s leading smart retail service provider and a Fortune Global 500 company owned by Suning Group, held a livestream gala on various online platforms today to kick off its all new shopping festival – “Suning 61 Festival”, in an effort to explore e-commerce retail innovations with Chinese pop culture elements, and call for a healthy and happy consumption trend.

Recent years in China, “618” has become another important online promotion node apart from “double eleven”. Usually “618 shopping festival” starts from June 1st, which is also Children’s Day. As a leading retail services provider, Suning has always committed to promoting healthy and happy consumption. This year, Suning launched its  “61 Festival” on Children’s Day to allow more customers to join the new consumption trend.

Innovated live stream brings fun to online shopping

On the evening of May 26, Suning held a live stream debate featuring top debaters from the popular variety show I can I BB. The debate discussed social topics that are widely concerned by consumers, aiming to bring human touch to consumption and build emotional connections with consumers.

During the show, debaters revealed the promotional information activities of Suning, delivering messages to customers as well as bringing fun to the online shopping process.

From May 31 to June 1, will hold the “Top 100 Stars Livestream Night” to invite celebrities to join the livestream shopping. It is expected that more than 1000 popular items from 100+ brands will be open for sale online during the livestream. Suning will also build personalized consumption scenarios during the livestream to create a fresh shopping experience for customers.  

Customized blind box to create “empathic consumption”

Blind box is an element that cannot be ignored in current Chinese pop culture. Suning unveiled the “1 Yuan Blind Box” promotion campaign during the  “61 shopping festival”, allowing participants to pay only 1 Yuan to get a blind box, which might contain products like Switch, Dyson, Lego.

As of 9:30 p.m of May 26, Suning sold over 100,000 blind boxes in total.

“Suning 61 Festival” helps adults find the childlike innocence through empathetic consumption with activities of creative programs and discount promotions. The company believes that shopping sprees are not a healthy way to relieve pressure. What really resolves anxiety is the improvement of mood, that is why Suning created the “Suning 61 Festival “.

The “empathic consumption” exploration reflects Suning’s commitment to create personalized consumption scenarios through specific nodes to meet consumers’ various demands. Suning will continue to create more similar festivals to customize consumption activities for different consumer groups during “618 shopping festival”. (Source: Suning Group)