Top Ten Focus of Chinese Probiotic Industry Development in 2021

The Probiotics Branch of the Chinese Society of Food Science and Technology invited authoritative experts in the probiotic industry to carry out special investigations and discussions on the current issues of concern in the development of the probiotic industry, forming the ten major focus of the development of my country’s probiotic industry in 2021. Officially released at the 16th International Symposium on Probiotics and Health.

1. High-quality probiotics strain resources mining

2. Probiotic safety evaluation

3. Probiotic strain culture technology

4. Probiotic bacteria protection technology

5. Probiotics high activity preparation and processing production equipment

6. Quality control of probiotic raw materials

7. Accurate identification of probiotics and live bacteria counting

8. Probiotic intellectual property protection

9. Probiotic standards and regulations

10. Probiotic science education for the public

(Source: baijiahao)