Customized Probiotic Combinations Become the Future Trend

After “probiotics” and “probiotics + prebiotics” products, the fast-selling team MiziDo under the domestic leading brand of probiotics “Bioflag” launched “three-dimensional probiotics”.  A comprehensive probiotic product formula of “probiotics + prebiotics + postbiotics” is created to provide probiotic solutions for food enterprises and open a new stage of probiotic customization. In this product, the probiotics are GanedenBC30, which has high stability and unique efficacy and is widely used in the tea beverage market. The prebiotics consist of oligogalactose and polydextrose, to provide nutrients for probiotics. Moreover, the postbiotics utilize Bioflag exclusive raw material Totipro, which is heat-resistant, acid-resistant, and durable, thus helping probiotics to perform a better physiological activity. (Source: xinhuanet)