Mengniu Launched a First in the World of China’s Probiotics

Mengniu 10,000 people public experience kick-off meeting was held in Wuhan, where the first children’s milk powder containing breast milk probiotic “Mengniu M8 children’s formula” was launched as well as Yourui probiotic powder, which is designed for the nutritional health needs of the middle-aged and elderly groups. Yan Zhiyuan, executive president of Mengniu Yashily, mentioned that “the market size of nutrition products for 3-6 years old reaches RMB 50 billion yuan (USD $7.8 billion), and will rise in demand with the announcement of Chinese three-child policy”. In addition to Bifidobacterium lactis Probio-M8, the M8 children’s formula also includes a variety of nutritional elements, including a dual protection factor – the prebiotic combination FOS + GOS and yeast β-glucan, so that children can consume enough dietary fiber every day to maintain intestinal vitality. (Source: baijiahao)