The First “Health Food” Stock that Reached USD $16.6 million

On June 29, Eastroc Beverage (605499) closed at RMB 268.40 yuan (USD $41.5), becoming the first “health food” stock with its current market value reaching RMB 107 billion yuan (USD $16.6 million). Eastroc Beverage’s main product is a functional drink with health food approval – Eastroc Special Drink, which has also become an important feature that distinguishes it from other energy drinks. Since 2020, the Chinese nutrition and health category have expanded from traditional pharmaceutical companies and health food companies to a larger scope. Therefore, Eastroc Beverage is a typical case of switching from health field into the FMGC industry, and therefore surpassed many pharmaceutical companies to be recognized by the capital market. (Source: shuzhengkangxun)