Bloomage BioTech Launches Hyaluronic Acid and GABA Fruit Wine

It is reported that Bloomage BioTech launched a new product “by Mr.Calm”, which is currently divided into three series: hyaluronic acid fruit wine series, GABA alcohol-free drink series, and hyaluronic acid GABA alcohol-free drink series. Each bottle of hyaluronic acid fruit wine series adds 10 mg of Bloomage hyaluronic acid, which can absorb 1000 times of its own quality of water and is a natural moisturizing factor. GABA alcohol-free drink series and hyaluronic acid GABA alcohol-free drink series contain 300 mg of GABA per bottle. GABA is an amino acid that exists naturally in the human body and can be naturally secreted by the body, which can help the brain nerve relax, regulate mood and improve sleep with safe ingredients. (Source: FBIF)