91.6% of Babies are Using Nutritional Supplements

Data from Naifenzhiku shows that only 8.33% of households do not take nutritional supplements, and 5.11% of consumers spend more than RMB 1,000 yuan (USD $155) per month on nutritional supplements. From the data, the highest demand among households was 68.14% for Vitamin D, while demands for probiotics, DHA, calcium, iron and zinc, and lactoferrin being 44.7%, 42.74%, 38.44%, and 22.69% respectively. It’s worth of notice that parents of different ages have different needs for nutrients for their babies, for example, the demand for probiotics and vitamin D is higher in parents who grew up in the 95s than in parents who grew up in the 85s or 90s. (Source: 163.com)