Angel Yeast Launches Patented Strain of Yeast Probiotic Effective Against Diarrhea

 Angel Yeast Co., Ltd (“Angel Yeast” or “Angel”), a listed high-tech yeast company in China, announced its nutritional R&D team has developed a new strain of yeast probiotic, Saccharomyces boulardii Bld-3 (S. boulardii Bld-3), and an innovative production technology for the new product. The patented yeast probiotic is designed to treat diarrhea and strengthen healthy digestive and immune systems in children and adults.

Saccharomyces boulardii (S. boulardii) is a kind of probiotic that has been considered a crucial nutritional intervention in treating diarrhea. The new strain of yeast probiotic developed by Angel Nutrition & Health Technical Center, S. boulardii Bld-3, is another ground-breaking addition to the S. boulardii family that has been proven effective in speeding up recovery from acute diarrhea and is beneficial to intestinal health in the long term,” said Dr. Zhang Yan, CTO of Angel Nutritech, established in 1992 by Angel Yeast focusing on human nutrition & health to develop and supply featured finished products to global human care industries.

COVID-19 has prompted more people to pay attention to their health and an increased focus on precautionary measures and healthcare products that prevent diseases and support their immune systems. On Google Trends, the search queries “gut health” and “probiotic” have seen several spikes during the pandemic. For gastrointestinal healthcare, keyword searches related to probiotics also climbed to a record high this year, signaling increased recognition of its robust ability to restore and maintain a healthy digestive system for humans.

The use of S. boulardii for management of adult and children with diarrhea has been widely prescribed by doctors and gastroenterologists for decades and its efficacy for combating an array of gastrointestinal conditions is well documented in medical literature. A study published in the Chinese Journal of Pediatrics concludes that certain types of probiotics can reduce the severity and duration of diarrhea. Among them, Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG and S. boulardii are the two most effective probiotics for anti-diarrhea treatment.

Unlike Lactobacillus probiotics, Angel’s S. boulardii Bld-3 is developed using the low-temperature fluidized bed process. The company’s unique protection technology allows it to quickly form a dense yeast shell that encloses active yeast probiotics entrapped inside. This process strengthens the yeast’s resistance to gastric acid and bile salts, enabling it to be applied in a wide variety of end probiotic products.

Angel’s S. boulardii Bld-3 is a suitable ingredient for wide-ranging probiotic dietary supplements. Thanks to the larger size of yeast probiotics, which is ten times as big as that of Lactobacillus probiotics, they are more likely to form a space-occupying effect in the intestinal tract and are resistant to antibiotics.

One of the world’s largest suppliers of yeast derivatives, Angel Yeast has over three decades of experience in the development and production of yeast products. In addition to S. boulardii Bld-3, Angel Yeast also produces Saccharomyces cerevisiae probiotic and other extensive ranges of functional yeast ingredients, with several new products in the pipeline including Kluyveromyces marxianus. At present, probiotic products produced by Angel Yeast have been sold to Europe and North America.