Angel Yeast Develops a New Probiotic Yeast Strain

Angel Yeast announced that its nutritional R&D team has developed a new probiotic yeast strain Saccharomyces boulardii Bld-3 to treat diarrhea in children and adults and to enhance digestive and immune system function. Saccharomyces boulardii is a probiotic that has been shown to accelerate recovery from acute diarrhea and to have long-term positive effects on the intestinal tract. While Saccharomyces boulardii Bld-3 was developed in a low-temperature fluidized bed process, Anglel Yeast’s unique protection technology allows for the rapid formation of a dense yeast shell in which the active yeast probiotic is encapsulated. This process enhances the yeast’s resistance to stomach acid and bile salts, allowing it to be used in a wide range of probiotic products. (Source: ixinyingyang)