These “Health Food” Frauds were Exposed

Recently, Zhejiang health food industry special governance press briefing was held, where the top ten typical health food fraud cases were released.

1. Health food pyramid scheme in Hangzhou

2. Illegally added “prednisone acetate” Baicao Kang Feng tea in Wenzhou

3. Production and sale of phenolphthalein-containing enzyme food in Jinhua

4. False Advertising of a health food center in Ningbo

5. False Advertising of health food through Livestream sales in Hangzhou

6. Producing and selling toxic health food in Taizhou

7. Producing and selling toxic weight-loss products in Jiaxin

8. Beauty and skincare pop-up discount store producing and selling toxic enzyme tablets in Huzhou

9. Producing and selling toxic gout treatment tea in Taizhou

10. Illegally added sildenafil aphrodisiac health food in Linhai

(Source: shuzhengkangxun)