Probiotics Extend Their Reach into Different Areas

In the past five years, the Chinese probiotic industry has been growing rapidly at an average rate of over 15%. As one of the fastest-growing fields, probiotics have broken through the boundary of functional ingredients and extended their reach into different areas. From the application field of probiotics, the data of the China Health Care Association shows that probiotics are mainly used in the dairy industry (78%), which is the best carrier of probiotics, and widely used in electuary (8.6%) and health care products (5.5%).

In addition, fruit and vegetable juices, ready-to-drink vinegar, kimchi, and plant-based yogurts fermented by probiotics have emerged, and probiotics incorporated categories such as snacks, breakfast cereals, and gummies have also entered our vision. Meanwhile, the functional presentation of probiotics has gone beyond intestinal health that possible functions of emotion regulation, female reproductive health, oral care, skincare, and diabetes gained increasingly more attention, which brings a larger probiotics market. (Source: