The First Trading Day of Nutrition and Health Companies in 2022

According to the closing price on the first trading day of 2022, the total market value of 73 Chinese nutrition and health listed companies reached RMB 1.814 trillion yuan (USD $285 billion). These companies cover a wide range of fields in the nutrition and health industry, from raw materials to distribution.

Pien Tze Huang, JingDong Health, and Yunnan Baiyao are in the top three, with market capitalization of over RMB 100 billion yuan (USD $15.7 billion). In addition, 28 enterprises, including Eastroc Beverage, Angel Yeast, BY-HEALTH, and Kingdomway, have market value over RMB 10 billion yuan (USD $1.57 billion). (Source: shuzhengkangxun)