Foodaily: Top 10 Annual Business Hotspots in 2022

1. Oriental herbs have started the Chinese fad era in functional food.

2. The extension of intestinal health drives attention to whole-body health.

3. Driven by the huge demand, fruit and vegetable become a big hit in the food industry.

4. Chinese fad elements will transform the bakery business and accelerate industry consolidation.

5. Dairy products will certainly create more business opportunities and value in the matter of women’s health dessert innovation.

6. The next generation energy drinks need to be designed with long-term addictive properties both physiologically and emotionally.

7. Extensive innovation will appear in snacks.

8. Chinese “Staple Food” culture develops along with the fast-paced life.

9. There is a market gap for geriatric food.

10. Packaging should be able to convey brand value. (Source: Foodaily)