2021 Health Food Supervised Sampling

For the whole year of 2021, a total of 8,822 batches of 2021 health food supervised sampling information was released by the provinces and municipalities, of which 8,786 batches were qualified and 36 batches of products were unqualified, with a passing rate of 99.6%. Among the reasons for failure, exceeding microorganisms and insufficient nutrient content are the main problems.

In monitoring the sampling information around the country, Shandong Bureau announced the most abundant sampling of 1488 batches (2 batches failed); followed by Henan announced 1228 batches of products (2 batches failed); Guangdong came in third announced 913 batches of products (5 batches failed). From the name and number of products sampled, the products containing calcium, vitamin C, and protein powder are the most extensive and are currently the most available on the market. Last but not least, among all health food companies, BY-HEALTH won again with 368 batches of passing sampling data. (Source: shuzhengkangxun)