Tianyou Dairy Launched Ready-to-Eat Probiotic “Oil Killer”

Recently, Tianyou Dairy launched a new ready-to-eat probiotic “Oil Killer”. In addition to four strains of imported probiotics, the product is added with Tianyou’s exclusive probiotics “Bifidobacterium lactis TY-S01”, which is researched and developed jointly with China Agricultural University. It is reported that “Bifidobacterium lactis TY-S01” is specially tailored for the “Oil Eater” Chongqing people’s intestines, and each box of probiotics contains 200 billion CFU live bacteria, to help regulate the intestines and remove the greasy feeling. Each strip of probiotics contains only 5.5KCAL, ≥ 4.3g dietary fiber, and light sugar, in order to further relieve the intestinal burden. (Source: foodex360)