The Localization of Probiotics is Accelerating

According to the “2020 China Probiotics Industry White Paper”, the market size of probiotic products in China reached RMB 85 billion yuan (USD $13.35 billion) in 2020. It’s already acknowledged that commercial probiotics commonly available in the market from foreign countries may not be the most suitable for the intestinal tract of the Chinese population. Instead, probiotic strains from the intestinal tract of the Chinese population or from traditional Chinese fermented foods may be the best ingredients for developing probiotic products suitable for the Chinese market.

The Food Biotechnology Research Center of Jiangnan University has established the largest patented probiotic strain library in China, with more than 25,000 probiotic strains isolated from more than 6,000 samples of long-lived elderly, infant feces, breast milk, fermented food and other samples collected from 29 provinces in China. Li Shusen pointed out that the total number of probiotic-related research papers published in China has now surpassed that of the United States, and the enhanced R&D capability has become an important support for the development of localized probiotic strains. (Source: food.cnr)