ALIENERGY Launches New Electrolyte Powder for Sports People

Recently, a new pineapple sea salt flavor electrolyte powder specially created for sports people becomes available on the ALIENERGY Tmall flagship store, which claims to be “scientifically formulated, one box fits all”. The new product contains 338mg electrolytes (including potassium, calcium, sodium, and magnesium plasma), to make up for the sweat lost during exercise and maintain the balance of body fluid. Moreover, this product contains vitamins B6, B12, VE, and 800mg branched-chain amino acid BCAA, which can replenish the body’s nutritional needs and promote recovery in good condition. Currently, the official price of the product is set at RMB 28.9 yuan (USD $4.54) for a box of 6 bags. (Source: Foodaily)