Proliv: Cargill’s First Functional Food and Nutrition Brand in China

On February 24, 2022, Cargill China announced the launch of a new functional food and nutrition brand, Proliv, and its first four functional snack products in an official public post. Among them, the “Happy Gummies” and “Pressed Candy” series both focus on relieving the discomfort brought by the change of seasons. The “Carefree Gummies” focus on soothing emotions and maintaining clear thoughts. Moreover, the “Happy Growth Gummies” for children are designed to improve immunity. The main functional ingredient for this series is inactive edible yeast EpiCor® and phosphatidylserine LECIGRAN™ PS50, which are sourced from the parent brand Cargill, and also combine with other functional food ingredients such as probiotic BC30, GABA, and DHA. (Source: