Quaker Launched “Smart Calories” Series with Niacinamide

Recently, Quaker launched a series of “Smart Calories” meal replacements, with three flavors of sesame black beans, red beans and barley, and oats and quinoa. According to the brand, the product adopts the “Slow-Carbon Factor” technology and adds niacinamide composition to maintain 4 hours of satiety. Each “Smart Calories” bottle contains 206kcal, protein, vitamin A, linoleic acid, and other 13 kinds of nutrients, with 0 sucrose, phytate, or pigments added. Currently, “Smart Calories” meal replacements are available online in the Tmall Quaker flagship store, priced at RMB 149 yuan (USD $23.51) / 6 bottles. (Source: FoodInnovation)