More Key Proposals From “Two Meetings”

The “Two Meetings” are Chinese National People’s Congress & China People’s Political Consultative Conference, which took place on March 5, 2022. Therefore, all the people quoted below are delegates from all different fields to represent Chinese people.

Zhang Libo: Strengthen research and standardized management of dual-use items for medicine and food

Li Huisen: Further promote the healthy development of Chinese traditional herbal food industry

Ke Yunfeng: Promote the standardization of cross-border e-commerce to promote the healthy development of the domestic health care industry

Cai Wei: Chinese registered dietitian team urgently needs to fill the gap to open a new era of national nutrition

Zhang Zhilong: Strengthen the construction of clinical nutrition professional teams in the nation

Liu Xin: Apply multiple approaches simultaneously to enhance the health content of food

Cai Jinchai: Accelerate the high-quality development of Chinese nutrition and health food industry

Wang Junjin: Establish functional food standards with probiotic foods as a breakthrough

Lu Qingguo: Accelerate the progress of health food registration, and further evaluate applications of CBD in cosmetic products

Li Xin: Add special medical food into the health insurance as soon as possible

(Source: NHNE)