Guiwei C Sticks to the VDS Professional Pharmacy Promotion Model

In 2021, CSPC Innovation achieved operating revenue of RMB 1.432 billion yuan (USD $220 million), with an increase of 8.70% year-on-year, while the operating revenue of health food products was RMB 406 million yuan (USD $63.7 million), with a decrease of 18.16% year-on-year. Its main product is Guiwei C vitamin C tablet, which was sold primarily through pharmacy chain cooperation and traders.  However, from the revenue composition, business revenue from pharmacy chain cooperation declined by 39.66%, while the trader model of health food product sales rose by about 1%. CSPC Innovation announced that it will build on the brand flow of Guiwei C tablets and actively explore the demand for dietary supplements (VDS), giving the product social attributes to reach more target groups. (Source: shuzhengkangxun)