The Revolutionary TDN Microlipidic Coating Technology

According to the results of a survey conducted by domestic consumers and nursing agencies, more than 32% of the elderly have swallowing disorders, which not only affect normal eating but also prevent them from taking health food in capsule form. In order to meet consumer demand, the market gradually favored small size and easy to consume formulations. Thus, it is very important that healthy food in small dosages can be absorbed quickly and effectively by the human body.

After continuous research, the R&D team of TCI Bio has come up with a new microlipid coating technology: TCI DOUBLE 2 NUTRI®. It has been confirmed by human trials that TDN microlipid coated particles can achieve excellent human absorption after treatment with water-soluble, fat-soluble, or even insoluble ions, and its revolutionary nutritional supplementation will improve consumers’ lives.(Source: ixinyingyang)

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