Bliss Cake X Yili Group Launched Probiotic Cake

Recently, Bliss Cake collaborated with Yili Group to launch a new probiotic cake, which uses Yili Group’s patented BL-99 strain, with approximately 3 billion CFU of active probiotics added to each cake. Moreover, Yili Pro probiotic whipping cream is used to decorate the probiotic cake. This new product reduces the sugar level by 30% and is served with Oreo cookies, kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, and lemon slices. It’s recommended to enjoy the cake along with a cup of probiotic solid beverage. Bliss Cake is now selling 10-inch probiotic cakes on its JingDong Flagship store for RMB 190 yuan (USD $29). (Source: Foodaily)

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