Business Opportunities in the New Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents

The Chinese Nutrition Society released the “Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents (2022)”, proposing the “Eastern Healthy Diet Model” for the first time, which can be regarded as an important guideline for the Chinese nutrition and food industries in the new consumption era. Foodaily has selected 7 key points that are closely related to the food industry and will drive innovations in the coming years.

1. Whole grains become a key focus for food companies

2. Eat aquatic products at least twice a week

3. Special emphasis on “one egg a day”, whose nutritional benefits far outweigh the effects of cholesterol

4. Daily per capita intake of milk and milk products revised from 300g to 300-500g

5. Decrease the “salt limit” target, from <6g to <5g

6. Increase attention to dietary nutrition for the elderly

7. Jiangnan region’s diet is closer to the ideal dietary pattern of the “Eastern Healthy Diet Model”

(Source: Foodaily)

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