Health Food in Pharmacy Chains is Picking up?

In 2021, six listed pharmacy chains completed the disclosure of their 2021 financial results. In terms of scale, DaShenLin, LBX, Yifeng, and Yixintang are at the RMB 15 billion yuan (USD $2.24 billion) level, while Shu Yu Civilian and Jianzhijia are at the RMB 5 billion yuan (USD $750 million) level. When all six companies had a revenue growth rate around 15%, the net profit was more divided, with Jianzhijia and Yifeng Pharmacy growing by 20% and 19%, and Shu Yu Civil and DaShenLin declining by 47% and 26%. Moreover, the number of stores of all six companies was increasing in 2021 where DaShenLin ranked first with 2173 new stores. (Source: shuzhengkangxun)

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