January to April’s New Products Show These Innovative Trends

Foodaily Thinking screened a total of 415 new products from January to April 2022 and concluded the following innovation keywords.

Beverage innovation keywords: electrolyte beverage upgrade, cold-brewed tea, oriental herbal, vegetable protein, sparkling water, and postbiotics

Dairy innovation keywords: various add-ons, new markets for cheese, goat milk, natural health elements, ultra-filtered milk, carbon-neutral labeling, flavored fresh milk, and pudding

Snacking innovation keywords: sesame, flavored nuts, freeze-dried fruits, and meal replacement upgrades

Meal innovation keywords: staple food upgrade, breakfast upgrade, and prep dishes, microwave frozen instant staple, local flavors, nourishing dessert porridge, baby food, and sausage upgrade. (Source: Foodaily)

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