2022 Report on Young People’s Diet and Wellness

Recently, EO Intelligence and eimele jointly released the “2022 Report on Young People’s Diet and Wellness”, which shows that the Chinese diet and wellness market maintained a compound growth rate of over 9% from RMB 245.3 billion yuan (USD $36.6 billion) in 2012 to RMB 536.7 billion yuan (USD $80.1 billion) in 2021. The report also shows that 72.1% of young people agree with the necessity of “dietary regimen” and hope to enhance immunity, sleep quality, memory, and concentration.

Among many dietary regimen concepts, 80% of young people trust the concept of “plant-based diet”, with advanced action of “targeted supplementation”. Not only that, EO Intelligence pointed out that the value output of dietary regimen is extending to the combination of “product + service”. Increasingly more brands are launching value-added services, such as customized services, real-time data monitoring, professional dietary guidance, and professional examination services, to expand the service boundary and increase consumer stickiness. (Source: foodmate)

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