Certified Nutraceuticals to Market Telos95® in Taiwan and China

PAUMA VALLEY, CA – March 28, 2022 – Telos95®, a dietary supplement ingredient that helps maintain and protect telomeres linked to the aging process, is now available in Taiwan and China. Telos95 manufacturer Certified Nutraceuticals announced today an exclusive marketing and sales distribution agreement for Telo95 with Taipei-based Falama Biotech Corp.

Telos95 supports healthy aging and longevity. It is a unique blend of an extraordinarily high concentration of therapeutic polyphenols from proprietary grapevine and organic olive leaves. Telos95 contains strong antioxidants that protect against free radicals that can damage cells and telomeres.

Nobel prize-winning research links aging to the length of telomeres, protective endcaps of DNA on chromosomes. Over time, telomeres shorten and become less functional, which can interfere with healthy cell division and hasten cellular aging and eventual senescence (death).

Telos95 not only halts telomere shortening, but it can actually lengthen telomeres to delay the aging of healthy cells. Peer-reviewed clinical research shows Telos95 reduced cellular age – as measured by average telomere length – an average of 7.42 years in just six months.

“We are excited to introduce Telos95 to dietary supplement formulators and manufacturers in China and Taiwan,” said Abdul Alkayali, Certified Nutraceuticals Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing. “Falama Biotech is the right partner to help make this happen. Its extensive relationships and scientific and formulation expertise will help customers create new healthy aging and longevity products with Telos95 that are unlike any other.” (Source: certifiednutra.com)

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