Minayo’s New Probiotic Product Contains 10 Billion CFU

Recently, Minayo Launched a new product: probiotic yogurt tablets 2.0. Compared with the original version, this new product adds ≥ 10 billion CFU active probiotics in a single tablet for the first time. Thus, each box of probiotic yogurt tablets 2.0 contains ≥ 300 billion CFU active probiotics. Moreover, Minayo adopts the new patent technology to bury the probiotics in a “space capsule” environment, with probiotic nucleus layer, acid and bile salt-resistant protection layer, sugar layer, and antioxidant layer. This product is suitable for adults with poor eating habits, children and adolescents in the period of intestinal flora establishment, and the elderly with the fragile intestinal tract. (Source: FoodTalks)

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