The Nutrition Consumption Trend Report for Generation Z

Xinhuanet, BY-HEALTH, and Jing Dong Health jointly released the “Nutrition Consumption Trend Report for Generation Z”. The report shows that young people are gradually becoming the main consumers of nutrition consumption, accounting for 83.7% of the population who spend an average of more than RMB 1,000 yuan (USD $149) a year on nutritional products. Moreover, Generation Z values functions of vitamins and minerals, immune enhancement, and sleep improvement the most, with their needs becoming increasingly more diversified and segmented. However, more than half of Generation Z mentioned that it is easy to give up on a scientific and nutritious diet after a few days, and 62.44% of Generation Z have the possibility of wasting nutritional products after purchasing them. Therefore, how to let Generation Z steadily maintain their health has become a new challenge. (Source: spgykjzzs)

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