How to Win the Marketing War of the College Entrance Examination

This year, there are 11.93 million candidates registered for the college entrance examination. To help and cheer for the college entrance exam candidates, companies used all sorts of ways to show support. Here are a few winner examples in this special marketing period.

Using the homophonic pun of KitKat, Nestle launched the slogan “Have a break, have a KitKat” and arranged free KitKat giveaways, to reduce nervousness and anxiety while sending encouragement and blessings to the candidates.

Meiji R-1 lactobacillus yogurt captured the needs of decision-makers in families of candidates and promoted purchases with the slogan “More than half of the mothers of candidates choose R-1 for health management” and “Health management is also a response to exam preparation”.

Moreover, CalorieMate uses real-life experiences as inspiration to create advertisements with the theme of college entrance exams to evoke memories of youth for all ages. (Source: Foodaily)

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