Summary of Eye Health Function

Although numerous studies have shown that some health ingredients are associated with vision health, there are only a few products on the market that can claim to have vision health-related functions.

One type of these products is health food whose designated function is to relieve visual fatigue. According to shuzhengkangxun’s statistics, from 1996 to date, a total of 195 health food products are approved to claim vision improvement. Frequently seen raw materials include luteolin, lingonberry, chrysanthemum, goji berries, and taurine. Another type is food products that meet the relevant provisions of GB28050, in which only vitamin A “helps maintain vision in the dark”.

The shortage of functional claims objectively exacerbates information asymmetry in the health food market. It is suggested that the regulatory authorities may consider actively carrying out scientific exploration in areas with wide public demand, encouraging research on the application of new functions and new raw materials, and conditionally relaxing the threshold of product access. (Source: shuzhengkangxun)

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