Probiotics China News Bites – July 2022


  • Shanghai, July 8, 2022 — As a partner of many of the world’s top food and beverage and health product brands, global nutrition industry leader ADM has released its outlook for the global human microbiome market, which is expected to rapidly climb to nearly $9.1 billion by 2026.
  • Business Wire–reported ADM financial results for the quarter ended June 30, 2022: Second Quarter Earnings per Share of $2.18, $2.15 on an Adjusted Basis, Net earnings and adjusted earnings of about $1.2 billion, Adjusted ROIC of 11.6%.


Nutraceutical Business Review had an exclusive interview with Jordi Riera, Chief Business Development Manager, Kaneka Probiotics/AB-BIOTICS (part of KANEKA Corp.), who highlights that when it comes to improving the most concerning IBS symptoms, there are three probiotic strains that show particular promise. The efficacy of Pediococcus acidilactici KABP 021, Lactobacillus plantarum KABP 022 and Lactobacillus plantarum KABP 023 have been shown in randomised, placebo-controlled clinical trials to exhibit a multifactorial mechanism of action.

Synbio Tech:

This year at the Asia Biotechnology Exhibition,SynBio Group launched the clinical trial SynForU®-Hercare for pregnant women in cooperation with the Malaysian Polytechnic University. By increasing the dominant flora in the vagina, it can protect women’s private health. The TWK10 in cooperation with Taiwan Sports University ®, in addition to helping sports performance, new clinical results show that it also helps with symptoms such as mobility, muscle mass and cognitive function in the elderly population. Not only that, Bio-Bio officially entered the post-biotic and pet health market this year.


The popular science version of “Pylopass™ and Helicobacter pylori White Paper” was officially released


On 7/22, Morinaga Dairy’s Bifidobacterium brevium B-3(MCC1274) received GRAS certification from the FDA.

Domestic China News:

  • Kerry launched LC40 Lactobacillus fermentum CECT5716, which is suitable for children. It is reported that this probiotic has high safety and good activity. It has been clinically proven that it is beneficial to regulate children’s intestinal health, protect the upper respiratory tract, improve immunity, reduce infection risk, etc.
  • On July 12th, JuneYao Werdery Changyinshuang probiotic lactic acid bacteria drink was launched, focusing on the problems of working overtime and staying up late, alcoholism, etc. The new product specially added the international invention patent strain CCFM1107 and RS8-5 compound; the other Qingyoushuang added the third Lactobacillus crispatus CCFM1118, which can prevent or treat Helicobacter pylori infection, is formulated with CCFM1107 and CCFM1118, both of which contain a variety of probiotics + prebiotic fermentation, 0 sucrose, 0 fat, and 0 pigment, helping to maintain a healthy state.
  • On July 20, the probiotic dietary brand “Bio-everyday” announced the completion of tens of millions of yuan in Series A financing. This round of financing was led by tens of billions of funds Jolmo, and joined by Innolinkfund, Lanshang Capital and Kylinhall Partners followed the investment. The funds will be mainly used for production capacity upgrade, brand digitalization, product R&D innovation, and bacterial strain microbial technology development.
  • On July 26, Guo Qin, secretary of the board of JuneYao Health (605388), said at the institutional exchange meeting that in the first half of this year, “Qingyoushuang”alone contributed nearly 40 million income to JuneYao Health and the contribution is expected to exceed 100 million for the whole year. In addition, the Werdery Probiotics Chewable Tablets have also opened up in the catering channel. It is expected to follow other products in the second half of this year to achieve breakthroughs.
  • The Chinese Society of Food Science and Technology will hold the 17th International Symposium on Probiotics and Health in Hangzhou from August 10 to 12. The conference will focus on showing my country and the world through the most authoritative and forward-looking reports in the field of probiotics. The latest developments in probiotics scientific research and industrial development jointly open a new journey of technological innovation to promote the high-quality development of the industry. In addition, the inaugural meeting of the third council of the Probiotics Branch of the Chinese Society of Food Science and Technology will also be held at the same time.
  • Anmuxi launched yogurt “Youqier”, a yogurt with bubbles. The innovative quantitative aeration process is used to make the yogurt have dense bubbles; 9 kinds of bacteria are selected and the kefir fermentation method is used to make the yogurt have a charming cheese flavor.
  • UCC launched Yoshishi sugar-free black coffee and lactic acid bacteria-added coffee beverage. It is understood that this product uses Arabica coffee beans, which are roasted and ground to extract rich coffee with a mellow taste. At the same time, each bottle of the new product adds 10 billion LAC-Shield lactic acid bacteria, 0 sugar, 0 fat, and no fragrance.
  • The protein drink brand “MIOK” launched its first non-alcoholic beverage: MIOK Bubble Lactic Acid Bacteria Beverage. The ingredients of this product contain whey protein powder WPC34, as well as BB-12 Bifidobacterium lactis, lactic acid bacteria and other probiotics.

International News:

  • Statement by CHR Hansen CEO Mauricio Graber: the company deliver solid results with 9% organic growth for the third quarter 2021/22, equal to 13% growth in EUR terms.
  • Fonterra appoints Emma Parsons as its Managing Director Strategy and Optimisation, effective from 1st August 2022.
  • Tate & Lyle has signed a two-year research project with APC Microbiome Ireland, the Irish Science Foundation research centre. It is reported that the content of the project includes: metabolic pathways affecting the relationship between the microbiome and health, functional effects of the complete gut-brain axis such as immune regulation, glucose metabolism, intestinal hormone secretion and tryptophan metabolism, as well as dietary fiber and probiotics Examination of the symbiotic potential of strains.
  • Fermented beverage brand KeVita is adding to its portfolio with the launch of sparkling probiotic lemonade. Made with organic ingredients and fermented kefir, the drink contains live bacteria and contains 30 calories and 6g of sugar per bottle.
  • Bel Group – the multinational firm behind cheese brands Babybel, The Laughing Cow, and Boursin – has teamed up with Superbrewed Food, one of a clutch of startups in the biomass fermentation space, to develop cheeses for the US market incorporating its ‘postbiotic cultured protein.’
  • Researchers at the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) and precision gut microbiome company AMILI hope to turn discarded kale stems into prebiotic products. A study of kale by Tony Reda et al. (2021) found that this cruciferous vegetable provides prebiotic carbohydrates and glucosinolates that may play a potential role in preventing obesity.
  • Puratos, a Belgian bakery ingredient group, acquired Belgian probiotic producer THT. Through this acquisition, Puratos is committed to investing heavily in scientific research on gut health and the discovery of functional ingredients that can improve people’s health.

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