Bio-everyday Launched BPL1 Tablets to Block Glycolipid and Carbon

Recently, the WeChat public account of Bio-everyday officially announced the launch of the BPL1 tablets, providing diet-based health solutions. The new product uses BPL1 probiotic, which is double-patented in Europe and China, with live bacteria insurance cabin packaging design to achieve ≥ 98% high survival rate. It’s also added with oat β-glucan, CLA conjugated linoleic acid, and white kidney bean extract that can help to sweep 22% of the grease, inhibit lipid synthesis, and intercept 66% of the starch. BPL1 tablets have a compound flavor of strawberry, prune, and elderberry, and are now sold in the Tmall flagship store at RMB 329 yuan (USD $48.26) for 30 pieces. (Source: Foodaily)

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