Probiotics China News Bites – August 2022

Monthly Newsletter of August


At the 2022 New Nutrition Conference held recently, ADM not only brought sports nutrition “new force” raw materials, that is probiotics, but also gave a complete sports nutrition solution.

ADM BPL1 Bifidobacterium lactis CECT8145 won the 2022 iSEE Global Food Technology Innovation Award. This strain is a postbiotic strain that can still be used for fat reduction, weight management, and adjuvant treatment of metabolic syndrome after heat inactivation.


IFF reports second quarter 2022 results. Among them, shareholder net income was $107 million, equivalent to 43 cents per share of common stock, three times the net income in the second quarter of last year; net sales were $3.31 billion, an increase of 7% year-on-year. Also, in the nutrition segment, net sales were $1.82 billion, up 9% year-over-year; in Health and Biosciences segment, net sales were $665 million, up 4% year-over-year.


Novozymes OneHealth was invited to participate in the 25th China International Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition (FIC) , and released the live version of Pylopass™Pro (Lactobacillus reuteri DSM17648) and the breath freshening product BioFresh™4+ for the first time. Mr. Cheng Xi’an, General Manager of OneHealth, participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the establishment of Novozymes Yikang Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to discuss the new direction of the probiotics industry.


DKSH signed a contract in 2021 and officially announced an all-round cooperation with Italian Sacco CSL probiotics, and represented CSL’s star strain Lactobacillus rhamnosus CRL1505.


Qiutianhong Group introduced the star strain of postbiotic inactivated lactic acid bacteria from Japan, represented by postbiotic Lactobacillus paracasei MCC1849 from Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd., and processed and produced Qiutianhong Xiaolyujun (inactivated lactic acid bacteria solid beverage), each with MCC1849 (postbiotic lactic acid bacteria). Yuan) 50 billion.

Domestic News:

  • The State Administration for Market Regulation(SAMR) has issued the “Detailed Implementation Rules for the Evaluation of New Functional Technology of Health Foods (Trial) (Draft for Comment)”, which is now open to the public for comments, and the deadline for feedback is the deadline. The time is September 1, 2022.Based on research on exercise and gut, Kerry has launched probiotic BC30 (Bacillus Coagu-lans GBI-30, 6086). It is understood that clinical experiments have verified that BC30 probiotics can maintain the overall health of sports people and accelerate recovery after exercise. In addition to this, the product also helps promote protein digestion and helps the body absorb protein efficiently. At present, BC30 probiotics can be used in meal replacements, milkshakes, and snacks suitable for sports people such as breakfast bars and oatmeal.
  • The Probiotics Branch of the Chinese Society of Food Science and Technology invited more than 20 authoritative experts in the industry to form a review article on “Research Status and Industrial Application of Postbiotics” based on the latest research results and relevant regulations of postbiotics at home and abroad. “Five Scientific Viewpoints of Postbiotics” was officially released at the 17th International Symposium on Probiotics and Health held by the Chinese Society of Food Science and Technology.
  • After nearly 8 months of research and improvement, the Probiotics Branch of the Chinese Society of Food Science and Technology has formed a “Scientific Review of the ‘Dose-Effect Relationship’ of Probiotics” and officially released it at the 17th International Symposium on Probiotics and Health held by the Chinese Society of Food Science and Technology.
  • The group standard “Standards for the Classification of Viable Bacteria in Probiotic Foods” (T/CNHFA 006-2022) has been released and implemented on May 28, 2022. In order to further encourage member companies to widely adopt this group standard and promote the standardized development of the probiotic food industry, according to the information release system of China Nutrition and Health Food Association, the agency formulated the “Measures for the administration of information release on the adoption of group standards regarding<Probiotic Food Viable Bacteria Rate Grading Specification>” .
  • Recently, Juneyao Werdery has launched two new probiotic biscuits – Qingyoujun and Gan Lejun. The patented strains Lactobacillus crispatus CCMF1118 and CCMF1107 are used respectively, and each box of products is tested for active probiotics ≥ 5 billion CFU, 3-layer embedding technology, and 7 kinds of probiotics complementary combination, allowing more live bacteria to reach the intestinal tract and it has good performance in inhibiting Helicobacter pylori infection.
  • On August 5, Bloomage Biotech’s brand “Xiuxiang Corner” launched a new product: probiotic popping candy, and the new product is now on the market. The new product is rich in 2 billion CFU of active probiotics and added with Bloomage hyaluronic acid, which can be used to coordinate oral flora and eliminate oral odor.
  • Recently, Bloomage Biotech has launched a new lactic acid bacteria snack “Yashixiang Konjac Q Jelly”. The new product is added with real Yashixiang tea powder, five major lactic acid bacteria, white kidney bean hydrolyzed protein powder, and the addition amount of konjac flour per bag is ≥0.3% .

International News

  • Recently, a team led by Jon Clardy of Harvard Medical School and Professor Ramnik Xavier of the Bode Institute used cell experiments, genomic analysis, spectral analysis and chemical synthesis techniques to find that Akk bacteria can induce the secretion of specific cytokines by human immune cells through cell membrane phospholipids. Moreover, it can reset the activation threshold of dendritic cells and regulate the subsequent immune stimulation, and elucidate the immunomodulatory role of Akk bacteria from the molecular basis, action pathway and biological effect. The results were published in Nature.
  • Recently, an article entitled “Postbiotics as the new frontier in food and pharmaceutical research” was published in “Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition”. This review describes in detail the classification of metazoans, the possible probiotic pathways and their application prospects in the food field.
  • Infinome Biosciences, in collaboration with Kalsec, will co-develop and commercialize a variety of microorganisms that can be used in precision fermentation processes. Infinome’s GenoScaler platform is a proprietary, ultra-high-throughput, CRISPR-enabled strain engineering platform that rapidly optimizes microbial strains for improved traits and productivity. In this collaboration, Infinome will use the GenoScaler to develop microbial strains that can produce ingredients, while Kalsec will be responsible for validating the performance of these ingredients in food applications.
  • Cargill reports fiscal 2022 results, including a 23% increase in sales. Meanwhile, Cargill announced new investments in fiscal 2022, including the opening of a new pectin plant in Brazil. In addition, Cargill donated more than $163 million to partners and local communities this fiscal year, according to the company.
  • DSM announced that it will reset the more stringent 2030 sustainable development goals, aiming to achieve 100% of the global electricity purchase ratio of renewable energy, which will help to further reduce the greenhouse gas emissions generated in the operation process. In addition, DSM will also convert the “28% reduction in indirect value chain emissions per ton of products in 2030” into an absolute emission reduction target, but this target has yet to be finalized and is scheduled to be submitted to the SBTi organization for review next year .
  • Recently, Bened Life, an American probiotic product development company, announced the launch of Neuralli, the first probiotic special medical food for the health of the brain-gut axis. The product is designed to improve mental health and improve the mental status of patients with Parkinson’s disease and autism.
  • Fonterra has today provided an update to its earnings guidance for the 2022 financial year that ended on 31 July 2022, indicating that it will be towards the top end of its current guidance of 25 – 35 cents per share.

(Source: HPA-China)

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