Tmall Food Released Innovation Hotspots Interpretation Report

Recently, Tmall Food continued to release its second interpretation report, providing a multi-dimensional in-depth analysis of the two hotspots of “plant energy” and “X taste”.

Fruit and vegetable juices, plant protein drinks, and plant beverages strongly led the beverage market, with the year-on-year growth rates of plant protein drinks and plant beverages reaching 56.5% and 50.2%, respectively. Traditional plant-based ingredients such as coconut have advantages of nourishment and low-calorie advantages, making them a new healthy beverage choice for consumers. Therefore, green, environmentally friendly, and plant energy is the inevitable trend of future consumption.

The novel taste can break the barrier of categories that, on major social media platforms, young consumers are keen to express their interest in new products by describing the taste. (Source: Foodaily)

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