Competitive Landscape and Market Share in Chinese Health Product Industry in 2022

In terms of the current competitive landscape of the Chinese healthcare market, companies such as BY-HEALTH and Herbalife, which entered the market at the beginning of the industry’s development, belong to the first tier; Chinese “long-established” traditional companies, such as Dong-E-E-Jiao, belong to the second tier; and overseas healthcare brands with greater potential, such as OJAB, Swisses, and Comvita, belong to the third tier.

In terms of the market share of the Chinese healthcare industry, BY-HEALTH has a 9.3% market share, ranking first among industry brands. BY-HEALTH also has the highest share of over 10% market share in Chinese vitamin and dietary supplements. Herbalife has an advantage with nearly 20% market share in Chinese weight management products. Xiwang Foodstuffs holds absolute dominance with over 30% market share in the Chinese sports nutrition category. Last but not least, Infinitus and Dong-E-E-Jiao hold relatively large market share in Chinese traditional tonic health products. (Source:

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