2022 Winning Bids of Angel Nutritech’s Nutrition Fund

The 2022 Angel Nutritech’s Nutrition Fund set up four directions around yeast nutrition research and application. Since the bidding guidelines were released, more than 50 bids were received from universities, hospitals, and disease control systems across China, and four winning projects were finally selected:

1. Nutritional evaluation of yeast protein, soy protein, and whey protein mixtures and their RCT study to improve muscle wasting in the elderly

2. Effectiveness of yeast probiotics combined with lactic acid bacteria in the synergistic improvement of intestinal health and its mechanism of action

3. The protective effect of yeast beta-glucan on cognitive function in patients with mild cognitive impairment and its mechanism

4. Study on the anti-aging effect and mechanism of fermented ginseng

(Source: sohu.com)

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