Aker BioMarine Launches YouTube Education Channel for Krill Oil

Aker’s mission is to share everything you want to know (and perhaps didn’t know you wanted to know) about krill oil, and the little crustacean, Antarctic krill (Euphausia Superba)from which it comes.

Krill oil is a relatively new dietary supplement –a phospholipid complex of omega-3 fatty acids and choline –with some pretty impressive powers. In this channel we will explore the various health benefits, delveinto the science, the specific nutrients in krill oil and how the supplement works in the body. We will also cover the interesting way krill are sustainably harvested in the pristine waters of Antarctica, and the innovative ways the fishery is set up for long term health of the surrounding eco-system, with the aim of being the most sustainable wild-caught fishery in the world. CHECK OUT THEIR CHANNEL HERE.

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