Slowgar Announced its Seed Round of Funding

Recently, Slowgar announced a seed round of funding for around RMB 10 million yuan (USD $1.44 million). Slowgar’s parent company is Shenzhen Dynamic Balance Health Technology, founded in 2021, focusing on the silver economy and big health track. The first product of the Slowgar is a low GI toast, which has less impact on blood sugar.

According to Huang Xiao, the founder and CEO of Slowgar, the future of low GI foods will expect two big growths. Firstly, stock replacement will occur when users with blood glucose health needs, including diabetic and hyperglycemic people, shift from low-sugar food to low-GI food. Then, the proliferation of target user groups will become noticeable that people focusing on fitness and skin anti-glycation will also focus on the choice of low GI foods. (Source:

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