Dingdang Health Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Dingdang Health successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The issue price was HK$12/share (RMB ¥10.71 and USD $1.53) and the total market value was over HK$16 billion (RMB ¥14.28 billion and USD $2.04 billion). Founded in 2014, Dingdang Health provides users with real-time medical and health products and services, such as fast medication, online diagnosis and treatment, and chronic disease and health management. According to the prospectus, in addition to opening more than 300 new smart pharmacies and hiring thousands of additional delivery riders in the next few years, the IPO fundraising will be applied to invest in and acquire pharmacy chains, testing facilities, and medical service providers. (Source: business.sohu)

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