“Release U” Completed Angel Round of Funding

Recently, Guangzhou Ruoyuchen invested in an exclusive angel round of financing for the functional food brand “Release U”, whose parent company is MAnthy, the only Nestle accelerator company in China. Supported by Nestle Group’s resource advantages, “Release U” focuses on sophisticated nutrition needs for moms and provides care solutions for the whole family.

At present, “Release U”’s two best-sellers, blueberry lutein ester gummies and iron-rich gummies, have sold more than 300,000 bottles since they were launched on Tmall and Tiktok in April 2022. Moreover, focusing on intestinal health, the company’s ready-to-eat probiotic freeze-dried powder and probiotic oral popping beads have a quarterly repurchase rate of more than 50%. (Source: cj.sina)

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