New Horizons in Microbiome Solutions (HPA-China Member)

With dedication to research in probiotics strains to support human health, and to the formulation of dietary supplements, Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes has been bringing probiotic solutions to the market for decades. By recent acquisition, Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes is now part of one of the world’s leading nutritional companies, Archer Daniels Midland or ADM, which has allowed us to take our probiotic and microbiome solutions to new horizons.

ADM’s commitment to research in microbiome health is bringing products and competencies together to establish a leading and global platform with unprecedented opportunities for customers in the dietary supplement industry.

The ADM Microbiome platform features PREBIOTICS; PROBIOTICS and POSTBIOTICS and offers unique access to several different science backed species of probiotics: Lactic Acid Bacteria and Spore-forming (Bacillus) strains. Fibersol® is our prebiotic dietary fiber and BPL1®HT our proprietary postbiotic.

The FINISHED solutions that the ADM capabilities offer, spans the range from single strain and multi strain LAB solutions in traditional delivery formats, to clinically documented formulations of spores in innovative delivery formats and everything in between.

ADM now combines all aspects of the microbiome value chain, and we are excited to have expanded our manufacturing capabilities to include fermentation plants and finished solutions factories globally and are now able to offer a comprehensive portfolio of containers and blister cards, capsules, tablets, powder sticks and sachets.

At ADM we listen to the consumers, we understand our customers and we are determined to deliver solutions that satisfy the need for products backed by science. We are excited to explore opportunities with you and will do our best to deserve to be your microbiome partner.

We will be in touch – if you would like to know more, please contact us at or visit (Source: ADM)

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