PMD Beauty Reaches Out To Chinese Consumers From Utah Via Alibaba

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, PMD Beauty has long been trying to crack the China market.

They decided to partner with Alibaba Group’s Tmall and build a flagship store where they can control their branding and operations.

Recently, through livestreaming on Taobao Live, they were able to engage with over 50,000 Chinese consumers directly from their office in Utah.

The brand’s overseas success is helping the business grow and benefiting the local community.

Key Quotes:

“Since we started PMD, we have always wanted to be in [the] China market. When looking at China, there are a lot of different options to really enter the market. And there are a lot of e-commerce players out there. We felt like Alibaba’s Tmall is not just the largest, but the best,” said Sam Alexander, PMD Beauty’s CEO.

“Over the next couple of years, as China continues to grow for us, I really believe it’s going to help build our company, which then in turn really helps our employees and helps give them opportunities to continue to grow and make a good living. One of the rewards that I see is as our business grows globally, our employees in the community here really do benefit,” said Sam Alexander, PMD Beauty’s CEO. (Source:

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