Sports Nutrition Supplements Designed for Women

In the past two years, 63% of women want to improve their overall health, and the focus has shifted from weight control to building strength (37%), increasing muscle mass (32%), and promoting cognitive health (41%). Therefore, increasingly more sports nutrition supplements are designed for women.

1. Meji SAVAS Fat-free Protein Milk for Women

2. Regular Girl Prebiotic fiber & Probiotic Blend

3.  CPT Accelerated L-Carnitine Drink

4. FITMISS DELIGHT Women’s Complete Protein Shake

5. Meji SAVAS Style Body Milk Protein Drink

6. Maxine’s BURN Protein Bar

7. Diva’s Hydrating Drink series

8. Movida Lactobacillus Grain Fermented High Protein Solid Drink

(Source: ixinyingyang)

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